​Dr. Anthony White

​Speaker / Corporate Coach / Executive Consulting

All services are available via Phone, Video Conferencing and in Person. We are certain to have a service to meet your needs

Dr. Anthony White is a nationally known Inspirational/Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach and Corporate Consultant National Radio Host and Author.  His experience spans over 30 years that leaves a long lasting effect on your life. Dr.  Anthony is an entrepreneur launching several companies. His dessert Company OMG Delights Deep Fried Cheesecake Bites, Line Jumpers (We stand in line for you while you shop) and Music Industry Executive  The 88 Keys (We do all of the admin work for the artist).

As a motivational speaker Dr. Anthony has a way with an audience that keeps them draws them in and keeps them on the edge of there seats. By using original quotes and stories you will be left with no other option but to be inspired and conquer any you many situation that you may be facing.

 Corporate Consulting and Executive Coaching is customized to each clients needs.

Dr Anthony White is known as the expert brainstormer and the ultimate mastermind.

He will introduce you to hidden potential within you waiting to be revealed. VC's Politicians, Professional Athletes, Pastors, Actors and Executives around the world will testify the within the first 20 min. you know that greatness is in process and success is in action.